2017 – 2020 Strategic Public Policy Goals

After touring the state during the 2016 year sharing the recommendations from the 2015 Budget & Priorities Town Hall primarily and other recommendations from past Town Halls dealing with efficiencies, we saw that this approach increased interest in the Academy’s grassroots work. As we moved through our 30-city whistle stop tour, we shared many major public policy recommendations from prior work in the areas of health, criminal justice, the economy, and education that have been put into action. We came away realizing we have important priority public policy recommendations that need to be  re-introduced as strategic action goals for 2017 through 2020.  

To make that effort viable and timely, a team of ten Oklahoma Academy stalwarts reviewed major recommendations in specific areas and identified those most critical to move on now and in the next three years.  Those that have an extended horizon will be given to task forces that The Oklahoma Academy names and that will be charged with determining specifics, building blocks, and a road map, if you will, to be carried out.

You will be receiving the Strategic Public Policy Goals in the mail soon, and they will be on our website.  It is crucial that Oklahoma think and weigh what we must do to build prosperity. The Academy’s core value is inclusion, and it will take all of us working together.  The recommendations we are highlighting were the ideas and goals of Oklahomans from across the state who participated in the various Town Halls.  They worked together, listened to each other, and through civil discourse developed consensus in the various topic areas.  

These ideas and goals can make a significant difference in our state, and can be of benefit to all Oklahomans.  We ask you to join with us in “moving the ideas into action!”

John D. Harper, 2017 Strategic Thinking Chair; 2016 Oklahoma Academy Chairman

Jennifer Engleman | Jan 9, 2017