Board Member Spotlight: Darryl Schmidt

Darryl has been the Executive Vice President of Bancfirst Corp. since 2002 and also serves as its Director of Community Banking.

You’ve been on the Oklahoma Academy Board for many years. Why did you originally become involved with the organization?   

HE Rainbolt “encouraged” me to join.


What excites you the most about the Oklahoma Academy’s mission?

The idea of making Oklahoma a better place for Oklahomans to live and work.


What do you find most challenging about supporting the organization’s mission?

The incredibly slow pace over which public policy change takes place.


What do you wish other people knew about the Oklahoma Academy?

The Academy has produced many tangible positive outcomes through its public policy efforts and many of those remain unknown by many Oklahomans.


How do you think the Oklahoma Academy helps improve our state’s landscape?

The Academy tackles issues of public concern and well being (education and health to name two) that are nebulous in nature but critical to our success as a state.  The Academy through its various programs wrestles those issues to the ground and generates solutions for improvement.


In your opinion, what Town Hall topic has been the most important or interesting?

Education and Health – those topics should always been on the Academy radar.


You have been very involved with Oklahoma Academy events over the years; which is most memorable?  

I enjoyed the Town Hall on building alliances with Tribal Nations in Oklahoma.  The information in that Town Hall provided perspective on the nuances of tribal relationships with the State and with each other.  Being a carpetbagger from the North, I did not have any perspective.


As you look ahead to the next several years, what do you see for the Oklahoma Academy?

The Academy must broaden its membership and advocacy base which will continue to be challenging in a world filled with apathy for almost everything except that which is on YouTube.


What public policy issue do you think is most important for Oklahoma and/or would you like to see the Oklahoma Academy take on?

Education and Health should be addressed at least once every five years until substantive change is made AND reflected in our numbers and rankings.


What is your hope for the Oklahoma Academy in the future?  

That the Academy stays relevant and vibrant, making Oklahoma a better place for all Oklahomans.


Jennifer Engleman | Jun 5, 2017