Board Member Spotlight: Karen Langdon

Oklahoma Academy Board Member Spotlight

Karen "Sunny" Langdon, Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Tulsa

You’ve been a member of the Oklahoma Academy for 20 years. Why did you originally become involved with the organization? 

Steve Turnbo, who I went to TU with, told me he thought I’d love the organization and recommended I join.

What excites you the most about the Oklahoma Academy’s mission? 

The thing that excites me most about the mission is the non-partisan part of it – I am totally non-partisan myself – vote Democratic sometimes, Republican sometimes – the idea that good, smart people join only because they want to improve Oklahoma, not because of party or politics.

What do you find most challenging about supporting the organization’s mission?

I find the main challenge to be the fact that it’s hard to recruit new members because so many people do not understand what “policy-development” is – and how important the policy behind legislation is.

What do you wish other people knew about the Oklahoma Academy?

I wish other people knew how rewarding (and important)  it is to study an issue with others who care and determine what legislative policies should be – and watch legislation be implemented to support those policies for the good of the state

How do you think the Oklahoma Academy helps improve our state’s landscape?

The Academy is the only hope for legislation that is good for EVERYONE, not just special interests.  Otherwise, special interests basically control the legislators.

In your opinion, what Town Hall topic has been the most important or interesting? 

My first Town Hall was the one on health care ten or so years ago – I was working for BlueCross BlueShield, so that topic was of special interest – and I think we made recommendations that the general public could understand and support.

You have been very involved with Oklahoma Academy events over the years; which is most memorable?

I think the Capitol Steps presentations over the years have been really memorable, because they review political events and people in such a fun way.

As you look ahead to the next several years, what do you see for the Oklahoma Academy?

In the next years I hope the Academy is able to have greater influence over legislators by convincing them of the value of our Town Hall process and the importance of passing laws the Town Halls determine are critical.

What public policy issue do you think is most important for Oklahoma and/or would you like to see the Oklahoma Academy take on?

I think Oklahoma’s tax structure MUST be changed to bring in more money and put it to better use.

What is your hope for the Oklahoma Academy in the future? 

I hope the Academy reaches more and more citizens so they understand its importance in influencing legislation – it is the only hope for a better Oklahoma.

Jennifer Engleman | Mar 28, 2017