Leading and Engaging Oklahoma
It's just noise, but policy work still needs to be done! This is the mission of The Oklahoma Academy for State Goals. 

Heading into another election year, it’s pretty clear the ideological and partisan sentiments of the parties are in many ways over shadowing the work that needs to be accomplished. And in times likes these, frequently what is best for the people and the state is lost in the partisanship of the moment. 

This is why the Academy is so important for the future of our state. By getting past the noise of the times and engaging the citizenry through information, education and raising awareness, the shaping of public policy is truly accomplished, as Academy board member Mark Kinders often explains, in a grass-roots, grass-tops approach called the Academy Town Hall process.

Recently a conversation was had with a longtime Oklahoma journalist. He was aware of the work of the Academy and stated how the Academy's focus is so important to our great state; that often the Academy's vision for Oklahoma is very forward thinking in its approach. 

While pondering this statement, an Oklahoma Academy Conference (the predecessor to the Town Hall process which began in 2001) was brought to mind. The Academy's 1998 Conference theme, "Technology Applications: Accelerating Towards Prosperity," was a perfect example of discussing and developing policy recommendations to lead our state in the future.

The conference, and its subsequent working committees, developed some interesting, bold … even radical … ideas. They were focused upon harnessing advanced technology to accelerate significant improvements in opportunity, wealth creation, income growth, and quality of life to create a roadmap that guides Oklahoma in a direction to be able to achieve its goal. Top 10 before Top 10 was cool! 

Read the Executive Summary and Policy Recommendations here, and read the Four Futures for Oklahoma here.

In many ways the forward thinking work of the 1998 Conference will be much like the upcoming Town Hall, OKLAHOMA ENERGY: Optimizing Our Resources for the Future. By engaging the citizens of Oklahoma, we can establish a new and better conversation of a system approach where the focus is on how fuels and technologies work best together to produce a better outcome. Thus giving us a roadmap where Oklahoma can truly look to the future and engage the citizenry to work with the community leaders and policymakers to move ideas into action.
Lynn Thompson | Oct 7, 2019