Voter Engagement is Key to a Prosperous Oklahoma
This past Tuesday, Americans celebrated National Voter Registration Day, a national holiday that celebrates our democracy. Established in 2012, this holiday coincides with an effort to register citizens to vote across the country. The work being done by many organizations to improve voter engagement is admirable; however, research shows that, when it comes to voter registration, private action cannot be substituted for legislative change.

According to The Brookings Institution, registering to vote has gotten harder for Americans in recent years, as states have moved to increase barriers to registration. Read the full Brookings report, "On National Voter Registration Day, examining ways to expand voter registration," here

In 2017, the Academy Town Hall focused on improving the election process, voter access and informed voter engagement. The very informed and engaged participants of the 2017 Town Hall saw a need and developed consensus recommendations Oklahomans might take to improve our election process and voter engagement. While several key recommendations have been proposed in legislation and/or passed into law, there are still many areas the participants of the 2017 Town Hall believed would better our process that have not been addressed. Read the Town Hall Consensus Findings and Recommendations Report here

With another election season now in full swing, this is the perfect time to open up a dialogue and convey the importance of being an informed and engaged voter. Increasing civic engagement in our great state is paramount to a sound quality of life for the citizens and the promise of a prosperous Oklahoma.

Lynn Thompson | Sep 30, 2019