What issue do you see facing Oklahoma? Complete this Survey
If you have not taken the opportunity to complete this year's survey on what issues you want to see as the focus of the 2020 Town Hall, do so now!

Each year the membership of the Academy is asked to participate in an Internet survey to inform us what statewide issues you believe need to be addressed in Oklahoma. In 2017 the Town Hall focused on Oklahoma's election process, 2018 covered the state’s tax code, and this year the topic of the Town Hall is Oklahoma’s Energy Future. So now is the time to tell the Academy Board what two issues you would like to be considered for the focus of the 2020 Academy Town Hall. 

As an aware and conscientious Oklahoman, we would ask that you complete the survey found here by listing one to two issues you view as most critical to improve to enhance Oklahoma’s future for all of her citizens. You will first be asked to complete the demographic portion of the survey followed by the area provided for your thoughts on the 2020 Town Hall.

These issues will be presented to the Board of the Oklahoma Academy for their consideration and selection of the Issue Focus for the 2020 Town Hall. Please submit your responses by May 16.

Visit our library to read about past topics and results.
Lynn Thompson | Apr 29, 2019