Oklahoma Votes: A review of the 2017 Town Hall and What's Up

The Oklahoma Academy’s 2017 Town Hall “Oklahoma Votes” was held October 15-18 at the Choctaw Resort and Conference Center in Durant. It brought together 104 participants from across the state to discuss access, turnout and informed voter engagement. 

The topic was selected after responses from the Issue Survey (sent to members, chambers, state agencies and the legislature each Spring to gather ideas for the next year’s Town Hall topic) revealed a frustration on the part of many Oklahomans surrounding voting and government representation. 

“So many of the responses that Spring communicated frustration in voting access and that citizen voices are not being heard,” said Julie Knutson, Oklahoma Academy President & CEO.  “There was concern that elected officials only listen to a few of the constituents, that many cannot get to the polls to vote for a variety of reasons, or that Oklahomans are not well-informed on issues facing the sta...

Jennifer Engleman | Nov 16, 2017
Board Member Spotlight: Darryl Schmidt

Darryl has been the Executive Vice President of Bancfirst Corp. since 2002 and also serves as its Director of Community Banking.

You’ve been on the Oklahoma Academy Board for many years. Why did you originally become involved with the organization?   

HE Rainbolt “encouraged” me to join.


What excites you the most about the Oklahoma Academy’s mission?

The idea of making Oklahoma a better place for Oklahomans to live and work.


What do you find most challenging about supporting the organization’s mission?

The incredibly slow pace over which public policy change takes place.


What do you wish other people knew about the Oklahoma Academy?

The Academy has produced many tangible positive outcomes through its public policy efforts ...

Jennifer Engleman | Jun 5, 2017