Board Member Spotlight: Kay Goebel

Oklahoma Academy Board Member Spotlight: Kay Goebel

You’ve been on the Oklahoma Academy Board for nearly 30 years. Why did you originally become involved with the organization? 

I joined on the suggestion of a good friend, and I'm glad I did!

What excites you the most about the Oklahoma Academy’s mission?

The Academy takes an issue of importance to Oklahoma and studies to come up with action plans to make a positive difference in the state.

What do you find most challenging about supporting the organization’s mission? 

It is sometimes hard to get the financial resources that we need to do our work. Our work is worthy and valued by many; but in a state with so few resources and so many doing noble work the fundraising challenge is real. We're constantly exploring how best to communicate what we do to those wh...

Jennifer Engleman | May 7, 2017
Tobacco & Revenue: Town Hall Recs Relevant

Given the Academy’s long track record of supporting health initiatives through our Town Hall processes, and most recently (2014 Town Hall) recommending support of “a state tax increase on all tobacco products . . ,“ the Oklahoma Tobacco Research Center invited the Oklahoma Academy to a meeting where a new study was to be released.  Entitled “A Significant Tax Increase in Oklahoma Would produce a Large Sustained Increase in State Tobacco Tax Revenues,” the report, unveiled by Dr. Frank Chaloupka, an economist from the University of Illinois-Chicago, detailed the positive revenue impacts and health outcomes the state would likely see.  He has been performing such research nationally and internationally for over 30 years.

Julie asked if Richard Wansley and Craig Knutson could attend on behalf of the Academy, since both have health or health research/policy backgrounds.  The specific results of the report can be found at the following link Jennifer Engleman | Mar 28, 2017