Welcome Dan Boren, 2017 Oklahoma Academy Chairman!

We are delighted to welcome Dan Boren as the incoming Chairman of The Oklahoma Academy Board of Directors.  Dan has been an Academy member for several years beginning when he was a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.  He has served on the board for three years.  

Dan brings an eagerness and energy to the position and believes totally in the Academy’s mission of engaging and listening to the people.  As 2016 Chair-Elect, Dan traveled to several communities with 2016 Chairman John Ha...

Jennifer Engleman | Jan 17, 2017
2017 – 2020 Strategic Public Policy Goals

After touring the state during the 2016 year sharing the recommendations from the 2015 Budget & Priorities Town Hall primarily and other recommendations from past Town Halls dealing with efficiencies, we saw that this approach increased interest in the Academy’s grassroots work. As we moved through our 30-city whistle stop tour, we shared many major public policy recommendations from prior work in the areas of health, criminal justice, the economy, and education that have been put into action. We came away realizing we have important priority public policy recommendations that need to ...

Jennifer Engleman | Jan 9, 2017