Academy Spotlight: Dr. Larry Rice

Dr. Larry Rice is president of Rogers State University in Claremore. He has served his community and state in various leadership and service roles, including as a member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives from 1991 to 2004. He has been involved with the Oklahoma Academy for nearly three decades, has contributed innumerable hours to the betterment and success of the organization, and served as the Chairman in 2006. We are proud to feature Larry Rice in our December Board Member Spotlight. 

November 2016 Board Member Spotlight: Larry Rice, Ph.D., President of Rogers State University

You?ve been on the Oklahoma Academy Board for 28+ years. Why did you originally become involved with the organization? 

As a newly elected legislator, I needed to network, be informed of state issues and meet important business, industry and state leaders.

What excites you the most about the Oklahoma Academy?s mission? 

Jennifer Engleman | Nov 7, 2016
State Questions 790 and 792

In this final installment of the November 2016 ballot measures, we are covering state question 790, a measure regarding public money and religious freedom, and state question 792, a measure regarding the sale of wine and beer in Oklahoma. 

State Question 790 is a constitutional amendment that was put on the ballot by a majority vote of the Oklahoma Legislature.  If approved, the legislatively referred constitutional amendment would appeal Section 5 of Article 2 of the Oklahoma Constitution, which prohibits public money from being spent for religious purposes, commonly referred to as a Blaine Amendment.

A vote ?yes? is a vote in favor of allowing public money to be spent for religious purposes.

A vote ?no? is a vote against allowing public money to be spent for religious purposes.

Supporters of SQ790 believe that the repeal would remove an obstacle to the state allowing religious institutions to participate in public pro...

Jennifer Engleman | Nov 3, 2016