Voter Engagement is Key to a Prosperous Oklahoma
This past Tuesday, Americans celebrated National Voter Registration Day, a national holiday that celebrates our democracy. Established in 2012, this holiday coincides with an effort to register citizens to vote across the country. The work being done by many organizations to improve voter engagement is admirable; however, research shows that, when it comes to voter registration, private action cannot be substituted for legislative change.

According to The Brookings Institution, reg...
Lynn Thompson | Sep 30, 2019

Academy to honor Dan Boren with the Oklahoma Key Contributor
Oklahoma communities are made up of wonderful people who strive to make Oklahoma a better place to work, live and play, but one Oklahoman from a young age was instilled with the notion that Oklahoma was his home and it was his duty to make a positive difference.

This year the Oklahoma Academy for State Goals has chosen to honor Dan Boren with the Oklahoma Key Contributor Award at the 26th Annual Oklahoma Academy Salute. The Oklahoma Key Contributor Award is the Academy’s prestigious acknowledgment and thank you for participation, involvement and support by an individual, business, organization or program that has resulted in significant positive change for Oklahoma and in the overall quality of life for all Oklahomans.

“Dan Boren is probably one of the most enthusiastic people I know and one who truly believes in making the ch...
Jennifer Engleman | Aug 7, 2019