Academy Spotlight: Ms. Susan Winchester

Susan Winchester is owner and president of the Winchester Group, a business development organization working primarily with non-profits. She is a member of numerous local and state organizations promoting leadership development. She currently sits on the Executive Board of the Oklahoma City National Memorial, The Oklahoma Academy for State Goals and the Girl Scouts Council of Western Oklahoma and is a Regent for the Regional Universities of Oklahoma. In 1998, Winchester was elected to represent State House District 47. Having earned a record of leadership and a reputation for getting things done, she was elected Oklahoma?s first woman Speaker Pro Tempore during the 50th session of the state Le...

Jennifer Engleman | Oct 11, 2016
Women in Oklahoma and Kashmir: A Comparative Study

The following essay, written by Dr. Nyla Ali Khan explores and compares the similar political, economic and social obstacles women, in particular minority women, in both Kashmir and Oklahoma encounter. She reaffirms the Oklahoma Academy's mission of raising awareness and involving citizens in public policy discourse and development and asserts that women have a vital role to play in contributing to meaningful, effective democratic decision making. 

Dr. Kahn is a visiting professor at the University of Oklahoma and a former professor at the University of Nebraska-Kearney. She is the author of two books, including The Fiction of Nationality in an Era of Transnationalism and Islam, Women, and Violence in Kashmir: Between Indian and Pakistan, and several articles that focus heavily on the political issues and strife of her homeland, Jammu and Kashmir, India. 

Jennifer Engleman | Oct 11, 2016