Academy Spotlight: Dr. Tom McKeon

Dr. Tom McKeon, vice president and executive director of City Year Tulsa, is a long-time Oklahoma Academy board member. He has served the organization in multiple roles including 2011 Chairman of the Board, 2010 Town Hall Chair and 2010 Gubernatorial Forum Moderator. Under his leadership, the Henry L. Bellmon Legacy fund, an endowment to provide long-term sustainability to the organization, was created. Dr. McKeon is the 2016 recipient of the Oklahoma Academy's Key Contributor Award, which will be presented Friday, Aug. 19 at the 23rd Annual Salute. 

Each year, the Key Contributor award is presented to an individual, organization or corporation who has given generously of themselves to support the organization's events, public policy recommendations and implementation efforts and, by extension, demonstrated their commitment to improving the quality of life for all Oklahomans. 

This month we?re featuring Dr. McKeon in our board member...

Jennifer Engleman | Jul 29, 2016
Actions on Oklahoma Academy Town Hall Recommendations

The October 2015 Town Hall on Oklahoma Priorities:  The Government and Taxes We Want, produced 13 consensus recommendations along with 21 findings that we shared with the 55th Oklahoma Legislature.  Of the 13 consensus recommendations, seven were in relation to the Oklahoma State Budget and the remaining six were tied to state taxes and revenues.  

To hear from as many people as possible prior to holding this Town Hall, the Oklahoma Academy held numerous Listening Sessions across the state in the summer months before the Town Hall. These were open to the public and basically allowed those participating to set priorities regarding where the scarce budget dollars should go.  Both the Listening Sessions and the Town Hall participants identified the following agencies as top priority:  the State Department of Education (Pre K ? 12), Oklahoma Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Systems(ODMHSAS), and the O...

Jennifer Engleman | Jun 29, 2016