Actions on Oklahoma Academy Town Hall Recommendations

The October 2015 Town Hall on Oklahoma Priorities:  The Government and Taxes We Want, produced 13 consensus recommendations along with 21 findings that we shared with the 55th Oklahoma Legislature.  Of the 13 consensus recommendations, seven were in relation to the Oklahoma State Budget and the remaining six were tied to state taxes and revenues.  

To hear from as many people as possible prior to holding this Town Hall, the Oklahoma Academy held numerous Listening Sessions across the state in the summer months before the Town Hall. These were open to the public and basically allowed those participating to set priorities regarding where the scarce budget dollars should go.  Both the Listening Sessions and the Town Hall participants identified the following agencies as top priority:  the State Department of Education (Pre K ? 12), Oklahoma Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Systems(ODMHSAS), and the O...

Jennifer Engleman | Jun 29, 2016

Root Causes Keep OK from Camelot Quality of Life

Following is an economic analysis submitted by Oklahoma Academy board member Craig Knutson. 

Previously, I submitted an analysis of State Policy Reports (SPR) data entitled Index of State Economic Momentum. That index focused on three major indicators - employment, personal income, and population, which are considered mainstream measures of socio-economic performance. 

SPR has also compiled another index for several decades.  This index ? The Camelot Index ? is more of a quality of life index, looking at six macro measurement categories:  health, crime, education, society, economy, and state government.  Each of the categories is comprised of indicators/variables, which I have listed below:  

Crime-Free State: violent crime rate and property crime rate.

Educated Population:  pupil-teacher ratio, high school graduation rate, average in-state tuition and fees, composite ACT and SAT s...

Jennifer Engleman | Jun 27, 2016