Criminal Justice Reform When Criminal Justice Reform Wasn't
With criminal justice finally finding bipartisan agreement in the Oklahoma Legislature, it important to remember where these ideas for “Oklahoma’s Criminal Justice System: Can We be Just as Tough but Twice as Smart?” began.

In 2008 a group of concerned citizens gathered for the Oklahoma Academy Town Hall in Ardmore. For three days the participants of the Town Hall examined Oklahoma’s criminal justice system, the process by which justice is maintained and administered. They asked is our system, in a word, “just”? Does Oklahoma’s system, which incarcerates women at the highest rate in the world, assign merited punishments? Do we impartially adjust the competing claims of education, healthcare, transportation, and so on, by locking up those whom we “are mad at”? Is the tendency to incarcerat...
Lynn Thompson | Apr 5, 2019
Denney & Harper named Co-Chairs of Awareness and Action Task
Recently the Oklahoma Academy announced the creation of the Awareness and Action Task Force. This Task Force is being comprised of members of the Academy who want to encourage their personal network of fellow members and colleagues to contact their legislators and share their opinions on the Academy Town Hall recommendations.

This week the Academy is pleased to announce the co-chairs who will lead the Task Force are Lee Denney and John Harper. 

“We are delighted Lee and John are so willing to serve as the co-chairs of this important Task Force,” said Julie Knutson, President and CEO of The Oklahoma Academy. “These two individuals have been such a strong voice for Oklahoma in the public and private sectors, and are dedicated to improving our state, one public policy at a time. They, just as the Academy, believe the people ...
Lynn Thompson | Apr 5, 2019