Town Hall Update

OKLAHOMA ENERGY: Optimizing Our Resources for the Future

The energy market is undergoing rapid and transformative change driven by new technologies and changes in customer demands and expectations, which provides both opportunities and challenges for Oklahoma’s energy industry. We have moved from scarcity to abundance, and our challenge now is how best to leverage and sustainably manage this. 

Oklahoma is an energy producing state. We have been blessed with not only our great oil and natural gas supplies, but we are leading the pack when it comes to electricity generation from wind. These transformative changes can create new winners, but it also impacts the legacy players that have been the driving force of our great state for generations. And with these changes comes uncertainty. 

New models can arise in short order in ways that are hard to imagine. Oklahoma in many ways is at the forefront of these changes. But there is a bigger role for us to take on as the leader both here in the U.S. and as an example for the globe, as our research universities, innovative companies, and tribal partners share a common objective — how to affordably provide energy to the world in an environmentally sustainable way. 

Better understanding this new energy system, and how to optimize our resources, technologies and behaviors is now more important than ever to guide our path into the future. That is why the Oklahoma Academy 2019 Town Hall will focus on our energy resources and determine how best to maximize our role as an energy leader to enhance our economy, consumer needs, and the environment. We hope you will be a part of this important opportunity to create a robust future for Oklahoma and increase Oklahoma’s energy leadership role in the world. 

We must move the research focus and public dialogue away from polarized arguments and models that in many cases simply are no longer relevant or optimal, to a new and better conversation of a system approach where the focus is on how fuels and technologies work best together to produce a better outcome. We need this approach now, because the progress in addressing the critical issues of energy security, environmental sustainability, affordability, and global energy poverty is inadequate. 
The energy system of the future will require a fresh look at capital markets, customers, and public sentiment. Capital markets have new investment criteria, and consumers have more choices. Society in general is demanding improved performance with reduced environmental impact, and capital providers face pressure to meet demanding commercial, social, and environmental criteria. 

The time is now for a new approach and a new conversation. Leadership, as always, will be the key to progress. Polarized and biased positions that impede or even prevent progress must give way to pragmatic and open-minded dialogue and fact-based analysis. There is a tremendous opportunity at hand — Oklahoma must seize it, and with your knowledge and help, this can be achieved! 

So, mark your calendars now to take part in the 2019 Town Hall that will be held October 20–23 at WinStar World Casino, Resort & Convention Center, Thackerville, OK. If you're interested in participating in this Town Hall you must first be nominated. You can self-nominate or nominate someone you believe should be involved in this important event by filling out the Town Hall nomination form found hereNomination forms must be completed and returned by June 26!