The 2019 Town Hall was a Success!
It was truly an intellectually stimulating process. The 2019 Academy Town Hall in now complete and the discussions, information, and vision for Oklahoma's future produced by the process will surely impact the state and the citizens of this great state in a positive way for years to come. 

When traveling around the state prior to this year's Town Hall, which focused on Oklahoma Energy: Optimizing Our Resources for the Future, one reoccurring comment was always brought up. "...
Lynn Thompson | Nov 4, 2019
Leading and Engaging Oklahoma
It's just noise, but policy work still needs to be done! This is the mission of The Oklahoma Academy for State Goals. 

Heading into another election year, it’s pretty clear the ideological and partisan sentiments of the parties are in many ways over shadowing the work that needs to be accomplished. And in times likes these, frequently what is best for the people and the state is lost in the partisanship of the moment. 

This is why the Academy is so important for the future of our state. By getting past the noise of the times and engaging the citizenry through information, education and raising awareness, the shaping of public policy is truly accomplished, as Academy board member Mark Kinders often explains, in a grass-roots, grass-tops approach called the Academy Town Hall process.

Lynn Thompson | Oct 7, 2019