2017 - Oklahoma Votes

2017 Town Hall E-library

History of the State Election Board
The American Voting Experience
An Engaged Electorate
Ensuring Access to the Ballot for American Indians and Alaska Natives
Grandmother Deported for Voter Fraud Leaves US in Tears
How Courts Put Breaks on Voter Discrimination
Increasing Voter Turnout
Independent Voters Have Second-Class Status
Oklahoma Ethics Commission Enforcement & Compliance Guide
Political Polarization & Media Habits
Social Studies - Oklahoma Academic Standards
The Effect of State Legislative Term Limits on Voter Turnout
The Truth About Voter Fraud
Troubling Poll Illustrates Americans' Constitutional Ignorance
Trump Administration Stirs Alarm
Repairing Oklahoma's Broken Democracy
Repairing Oklahoma's Broken Democracy
Identifying & Overcoming Obstacles to Greater Voter Turn-out & Engagement