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We seek to shape public policy by facilitating cooperation between citizens to influence decision-makers for the good of our communities, cities, and state.

In the long run, all Oklahomans want the same thing; a better place to live, work, and play. To have it, we need to work together.


Our Mission

The mission of The Oklahoma Academy is educating Oklahomans about public policy, with the goal of equipping them to take a proactive role with our leadership on every civic level.

As an “Honest Broker”, we’re a nonpartisan source of information about the issues facing our state. Through our Town Hall events, we provide a place for the process of creating solutions together. 

Upcoming Events

Annual Academy Salute Virtual Event

January through July
Pre-Town Hall Community Listening Sessions

Exact dates/times/locations will be provided via website, Facebook, & email from Academy Staff, and the Regional Community Team Leaders

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You can be a part of the work that paves a better way for Oklahoma through your membership or donation. The creation of effective public policies begins with ideological and financial investment, at all levels.


Help us continue our vital work for the people and the future of Oklahoma. Join us and fellow citizens as we pave a better way for Oklahoma, through effective public policies. Make an online donation today. 

Online Library

Our library houses nearly every public policy issue in Oklahoma from the last three decades. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, more materials are available at our office.

News & Updates

The Time is Now to Change SQ640

The Time is Now to Change SQ640

By Howard Barnett and Darryl Schmidt Let us begin by saying; no one wants to pay taxes! However, it has also long been said that nothing is certain in life but death and taxes, and to fund state government correctly, taxes are a “must-have” revenue source. On Jan. 22...

This is our responsibility and our duty

This is our responsibility and our duty

By Steve Turnbo and Julie Knutson It truly was a historic day in this great state on Nov. 1 as the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board and Gov. Kevin Stitt took the steps necessary to commute the sentences of more than 450 inmates; however, let’s not forget there is more...

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